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This project emerges from the impossibility of language. This premise devises a system or means of interaction that allows for knowing-learning through making. This is how the pieces are born arises, are the result of a work process within a space of exchange and multiculturalism.

The pieces WOVEN#1 and WOVEN #3 are an attempt to capture the repetition of a pattern / texture as unspoken language but communicating in their essence.

In this process the fluxers were knitting shapes as  interchange, medium and communication. This was essential for process and realization of the project.

Spring 2016 Fluxers-in-Residence Group Show

This exhibition celebrates the exuberance of the Flux Factory community, presenting work made by our Spring 2016 artists-in-residence. As part of the LIC Arts Open, our gallery will feature a variety of works created by our current and most recent resident artists.

The theme of this F.A.I.R. show is “Flux Green and Flamingo Pink.” Fluxers either used these two colors in their submissions or these colors inspired their process of creations. Organizers Eleanor Scholz and Seth Timothy Larson encouraged Fluxers to only use tools, resources, and materials found in LIC.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 5/18 – Sunday 5/22.

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