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Bárbara Vergara is an artist from Santiago, Chile. Her  production focuses on the visual reflection of everyday life, through observing the actions and issues that emerge in public space. In recent years her work has developed from observations and travels throughout the city, the context often multiple and distinct reveals the converging elements interacting in public. Beginning from what occurs in the everyday, specfically in public streets, she focuses on the ways that public space is practiced and inhabited, as a process of revealing the political, social and economic structures present.  


From this exploration is where the research and then visual journals emerge, narrating stories that break linear time and space. The aquired fragments become crystallized or frozen, emerging as memories without place or time yet preserved through this assembled material. In this way, time functions like an axis, manifestating as videos, photographs, encapsulated resin, bags with objects, and waste and graphic materials, that are then brought to installation sphere.  



Santiago, 1983. Licenciada en Artes en la Universidad de Chile (2008). Se desempeño como docente en el Área Gráfica hasta el año 2012. Actualmente esta finalizando Tesis de Maestria en Artes Visuales en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, desarrollando su proyecto investigación dentro de la especialidad de Arte y Entorno. Ha participado en exposiciones colectivas; en países como Chile, México, España, El Salvador y EEUU. 



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