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My production focuses on the visual reflection on the actions and issues of everyday life within the blurred boundaries of public space. In recent years my work has developed from observations and travels I do in the city, this scenario represents multiple distinct and converging moments and dialogue.

It is stareing at the everyday, what happens in different dimensions, where political, social and economic structures are revealed, from the way in which it is inhabited and practiced public space. From this exploration is that the annotations and then as visual journals, are stories that propose a time and place to be determined.

In this sense the process is paramount when building parts, hence the materiality and objects, which are crystallized, frozen, as fragments without beginning or end, timeless memories emerge. 

Several visual languages ​​which are intertwined in order to realize certain visual operations that allow a dialogue between fragments I select, becoming a non-linear narrative. In this way, time is like an axis in the works, with multiple fragmentations of this notion that I keep, freeze and stop, through videos, photographs, encapsulated resin bags with objects, waste and graphic materials, that are brought to installative plane.



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